Month: April 2023


How to enjoy a beach vacation

Summers is the perfect time for a beach vacation. The warm, sunny climate is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. There is more natural light to enjoy the beach and surroundings. Families with children should plan their summer holidays well in advance. Choose a resort or hotel which is nearby the beach for easy […]

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Health Life Lessons Lifestyle

5 energy draining habits you need to quit asap

Energy is the key requirement for doing anything in life. From simple tasks of breathing or eating to achieving any goal we need energy. We are constantly losing energy in one way or another, but thanks to the stored energy in our bodies, we feel energized for our daily activities. But if you feel drained […]

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Food Recipes

Refreshing summer drinks to try at home

Summer is here. The hottest time of the year is also a favourite among many as schools shut down, holiday season starts, more outdoor activities, beaches, hills, fun get togethers, picnics, sport activities, festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm. People are busy making plans and are always on the go. It is the time to […]

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Life Lessons Relationship

How to make your friendships stronger

Friends are the family we choose. We find friends of all kinds, some are compatible with our natures and some are completely opposites. The best part of friendship is to have someone by your side whom you can count on in any situation. Good friendships make the life exciting and interesting. However, the inconvenient truth […]

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Life Lessons Lifestyle

Reasons and tips to smile and laugh more often

A smile on the face is the best gift to have in your daily life because it symbolizes that you choose happiness and appreciate whatever you have been blessed with. That crooked smile, smirky smile, embarrassed smile, dimpled smile, flirtatious smile, full-fledged smile, giggles, or a hearty laugh, all have a special effect on us […]

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