Reasons and tips to smile and laugh more often

A smile on the face is the best gift to have in your daily life because it symbolizes that you choose happiness and appreciate whatever you have been blessed with. That crooked smile, smirky smile, embarrassed smile, dimpled smile, flirtatious smile, full-fledged smile, giggles, or a hearty laugh, all have a special effect on us and our surroundings. Laughter activates facial muscles and has a relaxing effect. This free medicine will make you happy and satisfied in no time. Laughter therapy is harmless, pain-free, and can be shared with loved ones and strangers alike. Laughter is a natural and unconscious movement from birth. Babies laugh at every stimulus and that is how they explore and experience the unknown. As we get older, our smiles fade as we judge every situation and become overwhelmed with responsibilities and forget to live a healthy life. The advantage of laughing is that a fake one can have almost the same effect on the body and mind as a genuine laugh. So do your best to get the benefits of your smile training. But before that, learn why you need to add a smile as a necessary ingredient to enhance your beautiful life.

Laughter: The simple treasure of life
  1. Elevates mood- Feeling sad, sluggish, irritable, or depressed? Try to smile and laugh consciously. Smiling tricks your brain into thinking that you are happy and evokes positive memories that can elevate your mood. When you smile your brain releases anti-depressant- like neurotransmitters such as endorphins and dopamine. These neurotransmitters also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Laughter is contagious as well so when you smile people smile with you creating a positive atmosphere. It reduces stress and redirects your mind towards better things. Don’t use a smile as a mask to hide your moods, instead smile often on your silly overthinking, for taking life more seriously, and for lightening up a stressful situation. Laughing also boost your emotional and mental. Practice this religiously and in a much shorter time you will be in your best mood, cheerful, and ready to live a vibrant life full of laughter and good health.
  2. Connects people- A smile is the simplest language that connects people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, culture, nationalities and community. You meet people with a smile and they smile back at you even when it’s your first meeting. This instant action and reaction connects people. A smile makes you more attractive and friendly. People are automatically attracted to your positive vibes. You appear more serene, free-spirited, optimistic, charismatic, and charming. Smile exudes that you are confident about yourself. It charges up everyone’s energy. Smile dissolves conflicts and people treat you differently. A smile can change people’s emotions toward you. They feel safer and open up easily. Whether it’s a silly joke or a funny story, anything that makes someone laugh is always a great icebreaker in every communication. Making someone laugh is a satisfactory and happy experience in itself.
  3. Improves the quality of life- Do you know someone who smile and laughs more often, and lives a happier than others? From a scientific point of view, sincere smile are associated with increased life expectancy. A healthy lifestyle is when you are in a happy positive mood and you enjoy better. Plus, you look your best when you smile. A smile boosts your inner energy and uplifts your spirit and help you cope with life’s challenges. Smiling helps you perform better in the workplace as people cooperate more efficiently when you have a positive attitude. Smile all day and you won’t look tired no matter how busy you are. Laughter helps you relax and boosts your immune system. It Relieves pain as natural painkillers are released into the body. If you want to stay young forever you need to smile. The facial muscles we use when we smile, lift our face giving a natural facelift. Smiling stops all negative thoughts and calms your body and mind.

Tips for smiling and feeling rewarded-

  1. Smile whenever you think about the benefits of smiling, don’t wait for a reason to smile.
  2. Watch funny movies, videos, and shows.
  3. Read a witty book to end your day on a happy note.
  4. Join a laughter club or group, and share interesting memes.
  5. Involve family and friends in your laughter gang.
  6. Visualize your favorite staycation, a good friend, or a celebration that brings you happiness.
  7. Go through old memories, photos, etc.
  8. Meditate or take deep breaths with a smiling face daily.
  9. Use notes, email, and calendar reminders to remind you to laugh until it becomes a habit.

The next time you feel down or tired look into the mirror and smile. Happiness is being with someone who makes you laugh. Cherish every bit of life with more laughter and spread the joy all around. ‘Say cheese’.


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