5 energy draining habits you need to quit asap

Energy is the key requirement for doing anything in life. From simple tasks of breathing or eating to achieving any goal we need energy. We are constantly losing energy in one way or another, but thanks to the stored energy in our bodies, we feel energized for our daily activities. But if you feel drained and draggy more often than others, it may be associated with serious health conditions. Consult an expert to find out first. If not, it could be due to many energy zapping habits listed below. Quit these habits for your health. We also covered some common solutions to those problems to refill your batteries. It is hard to break these habits, but follow the tips provided and eventually your life will be filled with more energy and enthusiasm.

1. Give the undeserved a chance- When someone shows they are unworthy, mean or selfish, believe them and don’t waste your time and energy. Don’t wait for them to repeat these traits. No matter what you think, people act the way they are. And when someone does something wrong to you, never believe them for the second time. Habitual chain of cycles are very hard to break. People never change for others, it’s either for their own good or for the situation. Forgive them for your inner peace and let them go. Giving the wrong person a chance leaves you vulnerable and drains your energy. It also makes it difficult to trust good people, making you sway away from compassion and hinders your growth as a human. Remember, it is not your job to change a person, don’t burden yourself unnecessarily. It won’t be good for you  and your concerned person. Don’t fall into unhealthy relationships.

2. Being too hard on oneself- Have you ever had a bad experience in your life? Life sometimes brings negative trails, failures, unrealistic goals, and perfectionism, makes us feel that we have no love and respect for ourselves and others. if you are blaming yourself constantly for what you have done, you know you are being hard on yourself and need a break. Being too hard on self will crush your self esteem and drain your energy into believing that you aren’t good at anything. The more we strive for error-free situation, the less we learn from experience and the more we lose ourself in the process. You deny the little pleasures of life. It affects your mood, affects your concentration and performance at work. Neglecting basic sleep and food needs can leave your body and mind feeling exhausted. Healing any childhood trauma helps. Practice release writing to free pent up emotions for 5 mins during the self criticism period. Take breaks and adjust your mood through activities such as walking and meditation. Take small steps to test your limits and redefine success.

3. Overthinking and excessive worry- Be aware of your thought pattern. When you get stuck in your head and keep repeating the same irrational thoughts, your mind becomes numb. You waste all your energy on meaningless thoughts. Overthinking can keep you awake at night, slow your thinking, elevates your stress level and even lead to depression. It relies on uncertainty and conflicts, affecting your decision making ability. Excessive brain activity depletes essential proteins and shortens a person’s lifespan. Spot worries and overthinking, act discreetly, confront fears, identify negative thought patterns, open your mind and seek other perspectives, acknowledge that your thoughts are valid but not your reality, replace limiting beliefs with positive affirmations, let go the past and anger, focus on the ‘present’ and solutions, get things done. Don’t let others make your decisions just because you can’t make up your mind. Thinking what could go wrong rather than what might go right, waste much of your energy. Stop relieving embarrassing moments and thinking about imaginary comebacks. Holding on to the past regrets will exhaust you and keep you from moving forward.

4. Unhealthy lifestyle- The way we live affects our energy levels. Too much or too little of anything can be emotionally, mentally and physically draining. A sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity, poor posture, and slouching reduce blood circulation and energy levels. Exerciseregularly at low to moderate intensity. Lack of sunlight and being indoors often deprives the body of essential vitamins. Recharge your batteries by spending every day in nature. Too much screen time and technology, constantly checking emails and social media, consumes time and energy andleads to eye strain, neck pain and sleep disturbance. Take abreak every 30 minutes to take your eyes off the screen andexercise your eyes. Getting too little or too much sleep can make you feel tired and lethargic during the day. Set regular sleep and wake timesto ensure you get an optimal 7-8 hours of sleep per day. A diet high in sugars, simple carbohydrates, transfats, processed meats, high-calorie foods, and fried foods depletes the body’s energy reserve instead of enriching them.Foods rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and iron should be included in your diet. Caffeine should not be a pick-me-up drink. Cut your consumption of colas and chocolates as well. Turmeric milk is great for nourishing and energizing the body atnight or before bedtime. Because water is an essential medium for all major bodily functions,dehydration also reduces energy. Low water intake can also lead to toxin build up. Add salt and sugar to your water and take a sip when you are tired. Please don’t skip breakfast. Lack of social activity and healthy interpersonal relationship slow down our brains. Live an active and interesting social life and make friends.

5. Unhealthy work patterns-The work environment is very important to maintain motivation and vitality. Multitasking is an exhaustive work pattern that most people follow to meet deadlines. It deplets your brain of the glucose it needs to focus on various tasks. You also end up reducing efficiency by quickly switching between multiple work with no satisfaction score. Disorganisation is another antagonistic work ethic. In a messy workplace, we are alwayssearching for something which consumes our work vitality. Easily organize your workspaces with more open spaces to reduce mental drain. Avoid saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone.Don’t push yourself too hard to prove your worth. Don’t develop people pleasing tendencies to camouflage your hidden problems, deal with them privately or take help. Be witty and inventive instead of getting tired of the monotony of everyday life. Doing something for no reason, enthusiasm or purpose is more tiring. Find purpose in your work and enjoy the process. Continuous work makes the brain dull, take a power nap for 10-15 mins once or twice in between your work sessions. Don’t engage in gossip and drama at workplace. Power dressing also helps in boosting your energy, not looking your confident best will drop your overall energy. Don’t take everything personally and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

Your driving energy is required to be saved and recharged from time to time. Don’t waste it on unnecessary people, situation, or patterns. Channelize this energy into self improvement and share it for the growth and development of people and society. Focus on being happy after the end of each day and be ready for the next one with full on power.


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