How to manage lifestyle stress

How to manage lifestyle stress

In this fast paced life we all are running for something, it can be either our career, relationship, money, fame etc, everything is changing fast, and we are running to adapt and not miss our chances of having a better life. Whether we will be able to give our best, achieve the best results, given the best opportunities, all these thoughts occupy our mind and makes us anxious all the time. Stress can also be positive as it is a normal reaction to everyday challenges which can keep us alert and motivated to work hard. Everyday thoughts and various small and big mishaps/accidents accumulates to give rise to physical/mental tension or stress which has a negative impact and can slowly germinate in us making us more angry, irritated and nervous. Let’s discuss some ways to lighten up the buildup of stress so that we can enjoy our life with ease.

. Live in present-

1. Live in present- We are mostly thinking about our past mistakes and regrets or future plans of achieving our dreams. Most us of have forgotten to live in the moment, to be spontaneous, to have common sense and to respond rather we are try to live our dreams, react to situation, plan every single detail and always searching for the whys. Due to this practice our minds are more concerned with reasoning for a problem and trying to control it rather than accepting the problem and finding it’s solution. Try more to focus on the current moment/work at hand with all your satisfaction and enjoy every experience. Don’t judge it as bad or good, by the end of your day think what could have been done in a better way and make positive notes to use the next day. Focus on getting better each day. Live everything as an experience, give importance to small things and be grateful at the end of the day.

2. Talk it out or talk less-

2. Talk it out or talk less- Many disturbing episodes of life remain engraved in our mind unconsciously or consciously for a long time. This can manifest into various physical or mental problems. Taking it out of your system is needed even if you are reluctant, try talking to people who have been with you throughout your life. Make a support system in your friends and family. If facing any problem in talking, meet an expert or try journaling your thoughts (focus on something positive in the negatives). A simple talk with a dear friend can relief a lot of stress. But don’t keep on talking about a same issue again and again, rehearsing a tragic event can make you more depressed. Talk less when you feel more anxious, cool down, breath deeply and engage yourself in some work. Too much of regular talking can deplete your energy levels and make you more tensed.

3. Connect to nature-

3. Connect to nature- We are spending most of our time indoors, either in office or at home admist gadgets, artificial lighting, buzzing sounds, air conditioned environment and man made luxuries. These surroundings makes our mind agitated and burdened. Exposure to nature, it’s fragrance, listening to its sounds have shown evidences in calming and elevating our mood. You could go for walks in nature, add fresh flowers to your home, try your hand at gardening, take care of animals, look at pictures of lush lawns, forest or take mini breaks from your everyday life and visit parks, gardens, hills, rivers whatever is accessible to you.

4. Indulge in simple life changes-

4. Indulge in simple life changes- Exercises need not to be tedious and hard. Everyday simple exercises include brisk walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, playing. Make a simple routine, which you can enjoy to move your body daily. Start with simple yoga poses and pranayams. Sit silently for some time. Practice smiling more often. Listen to body and eat and sleep accordingly, body has a natural tendency to align itself with nature. To break small bad habits replace them with something useful. Dip your feet in warm water before bedtime. Listen to relaxing music. Massage your body well and use cold water during bath for improved blood circulation. Remember to engage your neck and back while exercising as stress tends to accumulate there. Keep your hydrated.

5. Try touch therapy -

5. Try touch therapy – Touching has powerful effect on people and reduces stress levels significantly. It is the association that relaxes tensed muscles and releases feel good hormones endorphins and oxytocin. A simple hug from your trusted people or therapeutic healing touch from certified practitioner eliminates pain, reduces anxiety, heals our energy level and bring vitality. You can try tai chi, reiki, acupuncture, reflexology treatments etc. It also improves your immunity, reduces fatigue and induces sound sleep. Holding hands is effective to heal loneliness, anger, depression. Give yourself facial massages to relax facial muscles. Clap your hands and roll your feet on small smooth pebbles to activate your pressure points.

Along with all these steps indulge in regular self care be it emotional or physical, take care of your skin, hair. Pick up a hobby or learn a new thing that makes you happy. Be it playing a musical instrument, painting, collecting waste and making art pieces, gardening etc. Fill your life with more meaningful things and connect to your surrounding people rather than always being busy on phones/laptops. Take a break every now and then from the routine and do whatever you want or simply relax and do nothing. Take care.



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