Lessons to learn in your 20s

Lessons to learn in your 20s

The start of your adulthood begins in 20s. It is the mix of freedom, responsibility and a total roller coaster of many phases. The excitement to start new things, experimentations, fun, heartbreaks, career, relationship, arrogance, judgement all will have a combined effect on you in 20s. And before you even try to settle down a bit you will be on the entry point of 30s. This most lively fast paced part has lots to offer you, make yourself ready to dance to it’s beat and reap all it’s benefit. Here we will share few lessons you should learn in your 20s.

Prioritize “time” and “yourself” – Time is the essence of life. It is your most valuable asset one have. Understand the importance of time, be punctual, respect other’s time too. Be present, don’t live in the past. Don’t waste time day-dreaming. Dream and work towards making it a reality. Invest time in yourself, this is the time to know and discover more about you. With many things happening around you, it’s easy to get distracted, don’t lose your focus. Know your likes and dislikes, things you want and things to discard. Make sure to explore as much as you can before making your decisions. Learn new skills, develop pet projects, volunteer for a cause, hone new hobbies. This is the time to know your strengths and identify your weakness as well. Take control of your life with informed responsible behavior. Believe in yourself. Be self aware of yourself and your growth in life. Work on polishing yourself and be kind and human enough to yourself and to others.

People are not for a lifetime- In your 20s, you will meet an array of people different from you in so many ways. You are sure to befriend them and be a part of various groups, doing similar things, having same goals, putting energy in bonding, commiting to stay together forever. But in reality, you are meeting people who will come and go after a certain time frame. Most of these people are for a season. Do connect but don’t get attached to them. Don’t be upset if a friendship or a relationship outgrow. This is the truth of life. Not everyone is meant to be with you forever, cherish people till they are in your life. Choose your tribe carefully, understand real friendship will only grow with time and efforts from both sides. Support people and don’t hold them back or get trapped by someone. People change, accept that. Learn the value of forgiveness and let go hard feelings or grudges. Avoid people who gossip a lot. Never over commit due to peer pressure. Mix with different people and learn something good from them. Build a supportive community where you all can growth in a healthy balanced manner. Don’t take everyone’s opinion into consideration and stop anyone who undervalue or put you down. Never force friendship/relationship. Don’t be a people pleaser.

Take charge of your health- Your wellbeing should be an essential part of your 20s. Hectic schedule, unhealthy diet, stress, late nights, career ambitions, relationship tension, financial situation all impact your health greatly. Besides, this is the time when your body is very responsive to every action of yours. Make exercise a part of your daily routine from early 20s. Learn to cook and eat healthy home cooked food, avoid junk as much as possible. Indulge in vegetables, fruits and greens. This the best time to build and tone strong muscles, aim for fitness not for weightloss. Don’t be a victim of mindless dieting fads. You also don’t need to enroll for expensive gym memberships for fitness, practice regular yoga at home, go for cycling, swimming, jogging, dancing, play a sport. Your holistic health also includes your mental health. Unwind, relax, sleep to refill your energy levels. Stay away from extreme behaviors, practice moderation. Sacrificing your health for anything must be avoided. Make a skin and hair care regime. Taking good self-care boost confidence. Don’t make any excuses. Develop solid values to stick with for better mental growth. Seek advice from mentors. Pay attention to your financial health as well, understand where to spend, where to save, where to invest for the security of mind. Refrain from taking debts.

Accept failure- Not all your hard work will always pay the way you want. There will be things that don’t work out for many reasons. Be it a job you aspired and worked hard for or a relationship you gave your all, you will face many such things not meant for you. Your failure doesn’t make your efforts any smaller. See them as lessons and make yourself more competent and stronger. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay to fail sometimes. Don’t compare your worth with other’s success and limit your growth. Remember your abilities and upgrade your skills. Reflect on what you could have done better and apply it in the next opportunity. Don’t waste time overthinking why you failed or finding reasons for your failure. Work sincerely and smartly and change your perspective to overcome any failure. Make it a learning experience and don’t let it hamper your spirit. When nothing seemed to work for you, take a step back and change your path in time.

Feeling lost is okay- Life’s reality hits you hard in weird ways in 20s. You will be exposed to the good and bad at the same time, often getting confused about your choices. Opportunity comes with it’s own risk factors, you might achieve great success or hit the rock bottom, feel overwhelmed with joy or be depressed. There will be pain of losing something with happiness of gaining another. It is too early to figure out everything. You will encounter many road blocks. Feeling lost and not knowing what to do or what you want is common. This happens with everyone whether we admit or not, just don’t stop your journey. You can always take breaks. Learn to manage yourself in healthy ways without falling for any kind of addiction. Talk about your problems, seek advice from parents, mentors, teachers. Don’t fear judgement.

Life just starts in 20s, put wings to your dreams and aspirations and work hard towards them. Never be too serious or disappointed and miss the fun part of your beautiful youthful days. Travel and see the world around you, be a part of this enormous society and find your self worth. Have no regrets. It is a happy journey henceforth. Take care.


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