How to handle depression of your child

How to handle depression of your child

Are you the parent of a depressed child? Are you a child who is depressed? The problem of depression in the child and elderly is a major public health problem. Among the psychiatric disorder, depression is one of the most common and is associated with a high risk of morbidity and mortality. This article gives advice on how to deal with depression and how to eradicate it.

My mistake as a teen

I remember having periods when I was sad and unhappy as a child. I was a person who would let things in my life affect my sleep patterns. Furthermore, I grew up through childhood, adolescence and adulthood as one big choir and struggle. I would often compare my ‘difficult’ life to that of my siblings and friends. I felt jealous of them because their lives seemed so much easier than mine.

It got worse

I kept my fears bottled up inside me because I was not willing to discuss my worries with my parents. Likewise, I had to deal with each and every problem on my own, without any help or advice. I think my life would have been better if I had been more open with my family.

My approach to avoid my child repeat my mistakes 

I am a parent of two children and always look out for them. If I get the feeling or hint that they are in an unhappy period or mood, I try to talk to them to find out what is going on. I make sure that they understand that I will be with them when they are ready to open up because they are not always happy to discuss these issues. I talk to them about my childhood and how I kept my own worries to myself. I want my children to feel and know that I am here to help and not judge them, and that they can talk to me about any aspect of their life. Life in general, during the school days as an example, can be quite tough, with things such as bullied affecting a lot of children. The added pressure of exams, peer pressure, and trying to establish one’s self within a group of friends adds to this. It can be quite uncomfortable and difficult for children to move schools and go through bodily changes. We try to make our children’s home life enjoyable and relaxing. A family holiday abroad in the summer is included.

Be patient with a depressed child

If you have a depressed or unhappy child, my advice is to be very patient with them. I would try and get them to talk about what is making them feel this way and if they don’t want to, I would let them know that I am there for them.

Make them comfortable to share their problems

If your child is depressed, I would suggest talking to your family, a friend or a teacher. I really believe in the statement that a problem shared is a problem halved. You don’t have to be alone in this world, and the advice that you are given could be of great benefit to you. Children worry about many aspects of their own life, despite what you might think. Many moons ago, your parents were children and may have had experience with issues you are not happy about. It doesn’t help to reduce your fears or depression if you keep these problems to yourself.

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