How to make some easy and tasty egg recipes everyday

How to make some easy and tasty egg recipes everyday

Eggs everyday should be an essential part of your daily diet. They are rich source of proteins(12.6 gm), fats(10.6 gm), carbohydrates(1.12 gm) and contain trace amount of vitamins and minerals. The also contain cholesterol which is necessary in small amount for our proper body functioning. Any healthy normal person can have one whole egg (exclude the yolk part in case of high cholesterol level) everyday. They are great for maintaining muscle mass for weight watchers as low in calories and heart friendly as well. Healthiest way to have them is either by boiling or poaching them. Here we are sharing some easy yummy recipes for your daily dose of this nutritional food.

1. Egg chilla – Whisk Chickpea/gram flour, little turmeric, salt, pepper, chopped green chillies, finely chopped onions, finely chopped coriander leaves and eggs together. Oil a pan and add little asafoetida, then pour the above prepared batter, spread well and cook both sides on low flame. Serve with ketchup or eat as such.

2. Egg on toast – Cut a hole in the center of a bread slice, butter this bread slice and put it on a hot pan. Break an egg in the center of this slice and let it cook (sunny side up). Top the egg yolk part with salt and pepper. Spread some grated cheese on the sides of the bread slice. Cook till the cheese melts. Breakfast is ready to be served hot.

3. Easy egg curry – Take some hard boiled eggs. You can use halved hard boiled eggs as well, as per your liking. Mix mustard seed paste, poppy and sesame seed paste, green chilli paste, salt, turmeric powder, sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, crushed garlic, mustard oil and boiled eggs together. Spread and coat a glass container with some mustard oil, pour the mixture along with the eggs and cover the container with a lid. Keep the container in a heated water bath(water level should be proper not to make the container float or drown) and cook for 15-20 mins. Switch off the burner and rest for 5-10mins and enjoy with some rice or roti.

4. Egg beans salad – Mix quartered hard boiled eggs, boiled chickpeas/black beans, sliced bell peppers, lettuce, crushed peanuts, a light dressing of your choice/lemon juice, salt, pepper.

5. Fried Egg Noddles – Scramble some eggs with sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, finely chopped chillies, salt, turmeric powder and pepper. Brown(fry) the scrambled eggs well. Now make your noodles with some veggies (strips of capsicum, cabbage, carrot etc) of your choice, add vinegar, soya sauce and fried scrambled eggs and mix everything well. Your hot pot eggy noodles is ready to slurp.

Quick tip – If you are consuming egg whites, don’t throw away the yolks. For stronger hair, apply the beaten egg yolks to your scalp and wait for 15-20 mins before washing your hair with a shampoo. You can even use the eggshells (crushed) for better plant growth.

Now you can proudly call yourself an eggitarian as you have all these delicious recipes up your sleeves for a quick recipe anyday everyday.
Do check with your dietician/doctor before incorporating eggs in your daily diet.


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