How to improve your personality

How to improve your personality

Your personality is a set of characteristics that develops since your birth and according to your surroundings. Personality depicts the way one would behave, your habits, ability, thinking, emotions, perception etc which uniquely portraits you as a person. Confidence, positive outlook, creativity, problem solving attitude, fun loving, calm, punctual, hard working are some of the positive personality traits people look forward to cultivate in them. Unreliability, laziness, irritable, temperamental, unstable, insecure, rigid, jealous, suspicious are some of the negative personality traits people might have and must strive to change. Your personality have a huge impact on your overall life and lookout. It effect your thinking process which results in your actions. As it is believed that first impression is the last impression, developing a good personality makes people attracted towards you, being inspired by you, liking the way you make them feel, your kindness comforts them. Good personality not only makes you a favourite among people, it also is necessary for a successful career growth as it builds trust, reliability, team support and leadership qualities. Relationships of any kind benefits from developing a good personality. As not all of us have inherited good personality, it is necessary for us to evolve our personalities with the following tips for the enrichment and betterment of our life.

Pay attention to your body language- Your posture or body language is an important soft skill through which you express yourself whenever you are talking, sitting, standing or walking. Your hand movements while you talk, your feet and chest pointing towards the person you are talking to, holding the right amount of eye contact (not too long creepy ones nor short unfocused ones), listening attentively by your gestures like assuring smile, leaning forward, nodding, relaxed facial expressions are some effective body language tips to follow while interacting with people to gain their attention. Your posture while sitting, standing or walking is also very important to boost your confidence. Sit with your spine upright, shoulders open (don’t shake legs or look towards the ground), stand comfortably with your hands kept slightly tucked at your waist or on your thighs (don’t hide your hands in pockets or play with hair), walk criss crossing your legs slightly in a straight line without dragging or making noises, take firm long medium paced strides. Take your time to settle your body comfortably. Fidgeting, crossing your arms, standing at a distance, leaning on wall, fiddling with watch or phone shows a weak body language. Practice all the good body language tips alone or with closed friends regularly to be fluent with a dynamic body language which empowers your personality.

Upgrade communication skills- Communication skill is required in every field of your life. The more easily you are able to make someone understand what you have to say or the more effectively you understand others, the more they will connect and respond to you in a positive way. Verbal communication should be clear and concise. Your presentation should be crisp and complete. Know and use a person’s name while communicating with them. This simple act immediately bonds people. Listening actively is another crucial step towards communication, people look upto to someone who listens to them without any judgement. Reciprocating the essence of the communication connects people on a deeper level. Avoid using the ‘me too’ phrase often, as the topic is about them not you. Take time with your answers and pause between talks to reflect a calm composure. Maintain a social space while communicating without coming too close to the personal space of people that might make them intimidated or uncomfortable. Maintain kind eyes and warm smile. Always be fluent with a wide range of topics as repeating the same things again and again loses its power and brings boredom into a conversation. Also be sensitive and empathetic towards other and be open minded to respect other people’s thoughts and views. Show interest, ask questions, connect the communication with your passion. Be trustworthy and avoid gossiping. Be genuine and make people feel good about themselves by appreciating and encouraging their good qualities. Also learn to say no firmly yet politely. Be respectful of when to speak, respond or let others speak. Pay attention to the tone and volume of your voice.

Get organized- Getting organized increases efficiency of every work, minimizing the time, money and effort needed. It reduces stress. You prioritize and achieve goals faster. It improves your concentration and productivity. Organization doesn’t rely fully on your brain to store information rather it involves using easily accessible apps like Google notes etc which backups your data and saves them. Color code your files, attire etc. Maintain a daily routine. Make a weekly to do list. Use email calender. Use templates, labels and markers. Clean up regularly, be mindful and observant in your task, use your experience to get more organized.
Organizing your life reduces chaos, enhances relationship, increases self esteem. Be organized by know exactly what you want, what you choose and what you keep. Don’t clutter your space with unwanted items. Try to be a minimalist and think about all the possible utility of a thing before you get that. Maintenance and organization takes time and energy, plan accordingly. With proper organization, you will no longer be a clumsy, lazy, unreliable person.

Own and rationalize your thinking- Owing and taking responsibility of your thoughts will make you take firm actions and have a better control of your life. It will build trust and confidence in yourself making you self sufficient. Take decisions based on facts not on emotions. Analysize a situation before reacting. Don’t repeat same mistakes, change your approach, learn from your experience. Don’t compare your skills and achievements with others. Commit yourself to the task you planned to do even if forcefully, this will surely change your mindset. Understand the process of working, it’s desired results, deviations, everything. Experiment with different perspective. Ask the whys about yourself. Knowing how you function is as important as knowing about the external factors. Set your value system based on analytical thinking of yourself. Remember that your own thinking has the power to change your life for good or bad. Choose what is best for you. Step out of your comfort zones. Take calculated risk, keeping in mind about the pros and cons. Always have an alternative solution. Slowly eliminate excuses and create solutions.

Meet and socialize with positive people- A large chunk of your personality is created by the surroundings you live in. Positive people with an open mindset inspires others to be more productive. If you lived a conservative life, try socializing with more liberal with same goals as yours. Change of perspective can make you handle wide range of problems with more ease. Try to meet new and positive people on daily basis. Engage in conversation, break the ice with some friendly funny talks, bond over common interests. People who makes you feel confident, have the best advice, are smart and trustworthy are likely to influence your growth in a supportive way. Wasting your time, energy and emotions on people who don’t value you, puts you down, mislead you, are disloyal will only make more pessimistic, demotivated and gloomy. Positive people never lets you lose your faith in yourself. They handle success and failure with equal ease. With positive people you learn life’s valuable lessons and know you have a backup who will stick by you through your thin and thick.

Now you can just walk into any room and own it with your charismatic and more confident personality. A great personality is always a learning process. Learn each day as you grow and enjoy your growth.


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