5 relationship green flags you should be aware of

5 relationship green flags you should be aware of

We all dream of perfect relationship with our partner or loved ones where we feel loved, happy and satisfied. Sweet gestures, friendly talks, humor and fun, shared values, support, physical intimacy, commitment are the things we hope for in relationships. A healthy relationship is when you treat each other well, where both of you are comfortable with each other and thrive through different life phases together as a strong couple. As every relationship has its own ups and downs, it is a team work to learn and grow together without blaming each other for any collective failure and instead look for solutions to make any worse situation better. Relationship should not feel forced or draining where only one is putting all the efforts and the other is disinterested or making excuses. Healthy relationships add value to your life making life more meaningful. It takes effort and time to grow strong relationship with both being interested and involved equally with personal as well as collective growth. Every relationship has challenges and fair share of upheavals, but how you both deal with them makes or breaks a relationship. Remember it’s not your responsibility or shortcoming if a relationship fails rather it shows where the relationship lacked understanding and adjustment. It is also normal to feel anxious, stressed and unhappy in different phases of your relationship as long as things get resolved without causing any serious harm. Here we will discuss 5 Relationship green flags which are positive signs that tell you that a relationship has a long-term potential.

Open and honest Communication- Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Being open during communication means being transparent without the fear of judgement. It is to share your private thought or worries freely. If you have a supportive partner who listens to you without making you resentful consider yourself a lucky one. It shows the you can talk to them without losing any respect, without any hurtful critical insult. It shows your partner listens to you effectively and try to understand with empathy rather than finding what’s wrong. When you have a partner with whom you can talk openly you feel your concern being acknowledged which boost confidence in the relationship. Being honest during communication implies always telling the truth, be it an incident of your life, your choices or your feelings. No matter how big or small a matter is, you should tell things honestly. If your partner values your honesty it becomes easier for you to be your own self around them. In a healthy relationship you both must not pretend to be someone else. Being open and honest with each other earns respect, trust, growth. You never feel the need to hide something even for your partner’s good and are straightforward enough to address any challenges in the relationship. Even silence between you both is not awkward, silent communication is a sign of deep emotional connection. Silence can be blissful and enjoyable where you both can share peace and comfort in being with each other.

Trust them with your vulnerability- Your vulnerability is your innermost emotions, thoughts and feelings which you feel unsure of. When you are willing to open up about them to your partner, you know you are taking a risk. If your partner respond to them in an ensuring way and understand them it makes the relationship emotionally deeper. When you start trusting your partner with your weakness it makes you a stronger person and also adds empathy to your relationship. You both grow deeper friendship and support system in each other. You root for each other’s success and cheer in failures. You are no longer putting a wall or guard to protect yourself from being hurt by your partner. You can trust them and know they will never put you down because of your weaknesses. Being vulnerable also makes your partner aware of what you want. Trust worthy partner makes the relationship more satisfactory. Sharing the core part of ourselves that might be confusing or uncomfortable even to our own self is indeed a satisfying experience. It deepens our own understand of self. This also eliminates the fear of rejection and bonds a relationship stronger.

Take responsibility- If your partner’s words matches their action, you Know you have a responsible person by your side. Nothing with them feel like a task for which only you have to work hard. They are participating equally in every phase of your relationship, from the early casual dates, to the financial growth, career, meeting families etc. Your partner always take responsibility of their action and behavior. They are mindful and never disown their mistakes. They are willing to work through any rough patches in the relationship. They have a sound practical approach to things they do. Such partners never play the blame game or have a victim mentality. They know relationship takes effort from both ends and willing to play their own role. You feel taken care of, not necessarily pampered but you know your partner is doing their best for the relationship. Someone who is responsible enough is sure to be a person you can commit to for a long term journey of life. A responsible partner encourages you to have your part of control over the relationship. Sharing responsibility creates dependability and trust and you achieve relationship goals with much ease. A responsible partner is also willing to forgive and grow in a relationship.

Respect your boundaries- Every relationship has boundaries at various levels. From getting to know a new person, their values, likes, goals to adapting to the togetherness, family bonding, ambitions you are bound to have an opinion of your own on each of these aspects. You will have physical and emotional boundaries where you feel safe and comfortable. Boundaries in relationship is mandatory to reduce stress and maintain a healthy dynamic with your loved ones. Boundaries helps to strike a balance between you two, minimize conflicts because it sets what you both expect from each other and actually brings you closer to your partner. Boundaries strengthen your understanding of each other, creates healthy space between you two to grow as individuals. If your partner respect those boundaries then consider it as a positive sign as it shows that they truely respect your decisions and are ready to make you feel safe. A partner who doesn’t try to push your boundaries or test you by trying to break your boundaries are sure to build trust in the relationship. It shows that they are compassionate, open minded and ready to give you time and space to handle the changing phases of a relationship, thus making the bond stronger and healthier.

Don’t try to change you- If you have a partner who doesn’t try or force you to change, it means they have a healthy understanding that people can only change on their own. You need to feel appreciated by your partner for who you are, to even start a relationship at the very first place. We all are flawed and that makes us unique and beautiful. It is also true that we harbor unhealthy habits that might negatively impact the relationship, but your partner must encourage you change those habits rather than finding flaws in your behavior and asking you to change. Remember if someone is putting sincere effort to make you eliminate your bad habits it’s a positive sign. It shows they have trust in you and your relationship. But if a partner doesn’t like the way you dress or speak and try to control your decisions and choices, it is certainly a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Your partner has chosen you the way you are and they must respect and celebrate you that way. They got to give you the freedom to see your friends and do your own stuffs. Adjustment and transitions are a part of every relationship, but it should feel necessary rather than forced. Positive changes takes time, make it more natural rather than making them an exhaustive process. At the end it is your partner acceptance and support for you which strengthen your bond and make things manageable.

If you tick all or most of these green flags in your relationship, you know you are on the right path. If not, try to foster these qualities in your relationship for a healthy spin to it. Remember a relationship strives with mutual effort and there is no harm if you are the one to start with all the above aspects. You can even seek an expert’s guidance to help you both maintain a healthy relationship which prosper with time. Take care.



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