Uncommon Colored roses and their significance (Rose day special / Valentines day)

Uncommon Colored roses and their significance (Rose day special)

Say it with a rose. Rose day on 7th February commence the Valentine’s week. It is the first day of the Valentine’s week and is celebrated globally by offering someone special a rose/roses. Rose from ancient times signifies eternal love and romance. It has been associated with goddess of love Venus and Aphrodite. Different color roses has different meaning, the most common being Red rose which signifies true love and passion, white ones signifies devotion and purity, pink ones signifies beauty, joy and sweetness and yellow signifies friendship and care. We will now explore some uncommon colors of roses and their significance. These roses are usually genetically modified to attain the required colors and don’t occur generally in nature.

1. Blue roses – Blue rose represents mystery and intrigue. It is given to someone unique and different, someone you consider unattainable. It says “dream the impossible”. It is for the bold hearted people who believe in boundless love and are unafraid to express their true love even when it might not see any destination.
2. Lavender roses – Lavender hued roses repesents love at first sight. It shows admiration and wonder for that special person you met for the very first time. It signifies your soft romantic feelings for the person you desire. Lavender is the color of serenity and calmness. Give this to someone who brings peace and Grace in your life.

3. Burgundy rose – Burgundy rose represents undying love and perfection. As we know perfection is an illusion, so an unselfconscious person who you believe as the perfect beauty should own your burgundy rose. This deep red color shows your true passion and craziness for your beloved. Don’t shy, show them how much they matter.

4. Cream roses – Cream rose shows your thoughtfulness. Whomever you gift them, shows that you are thinking of them. Give it to someone you find Charming and decent enough. It shows your sincere and affectionate feelings. Faithful and pure love is also signified by cream colored roses.

5. Orange roses – Orange colored rose signifies excitement and joy. It shows you are ready to go to the next phase in your relationship. It also can be sent to a person you have mixed feelings(friendship Turning into love) for. This is an intense color and covey your enthusiasm and charisma. They also represents gratitude and thankfulness.

6. Coral roses – Coral roses represents happiness and desire. Give it to someone who brightens your life. A symbol of warmth, fascination and radiant energy, it represents the starting phase of your love life. It shows your eagerness to prosper your relationship. This color also represents you are proud of them.

7. Purple roses – Purple hued rose represents royalty/high honor. Sent it to your queen/king. Treat someone the grand and regal way by gifting beautifully arranged purple roses. It is also the color of achievement and success. Celebrate your successful relationship with them. For a deeper meaning, it represents mystic inner journey. A valuable majestic love story deserve these beautiful roses.

8. Green roses – Green roses represents new beginnings. It is the color of rebirth and abundance. You want to rekindle and renew your relationship? Sent some green roses. This soothing color represents cheerfulness and fertility. A sense of balance and freshness is induced by these flowers. Green roses bring good fortune as well.

9. Black roses – Black rose is a beauty in itself. Even though it’s the darkest color, it has positive meaning of Hope and new life. From the bad to the good, this color is an all exclusive color. The black beauty shows exclusivity of the relationship and complete devotion. It shows the end of one relationship and the start of another new cycle in life.

As these colored roses are difficult to come across, try making these with colored craft papers/clothes. Also don’t forget to mix and arrange your roses according to what you want to convey. Send them this article in case they are unaware of these strange colors.

For those who want to celebrate this day a little differently with their partner, try making rose flavored cakes, pudding, icecream, chocolates and decorate it beautifully with rose petals, gift rose potpuori, rose essence beauty products, rose printed clothing, paint a landscape full of roses, decorate your partner’s favorite corner with different color coordinated roses, pamper them with rose oil massages. Keep today’s theme as “Rose” and spread it’s fragrance in your relationship. Happy Rose Day.



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