Taking care of yourself during seasonal change – from winter to spring

Taking care of yourself during seasonal change - from winter to spring

Change in all forms has its own advantages and disadvantages. Seasonal changes are an inevitable part of nature. Our main season are categorized as Spring, Summer, Fall(Autumn) and Winter. The transitional period between two seasons, say from Winter to Spring brings many changes in the environment like temperature elevation, change in precipitation, change in vegetation, more daylight, new leaves and plant sprouting, floral blooming. Accordingly all these changes are manifested in humans as well, with renewal of skin and hair, more outdoor activities, change in food availability, etc.

1. Avoid any sudden change in lifestyle – Transitional period calls for incorporation of “changes” slowly. Any sudden lifestyle modifications will strain your body and may cause more harm than any good. So keep up your new year resolutions limited or add one change at a time and focus on being regular. Pay attention to body signals of any kind of pain or stress and take a break once a week or fortnight in such cases. Remember any sudden change in temperature, changes your body’s clock cycle and require some time for the body to adapt. Always consult certified experts and doctors before following any diet/exercise regime. Try playing outdoor games for being dynamic.

2. Preserving nutrients through jams/jellies/aachars – Now as the winter is at its last leg, availability of many colorful nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables will be less. Why not make some yummy jams and jellies with the fruits of your choice. Our favorite would be strawberry and raspberry jams. Aachars/pickles are great option for relishing nutrient-rich veggies like cauliflower, carrot, beetroot, peas, radish, chillies etc. These are some delicious ways to boost your immunity to fight against any diseases, when your immunity can be little less due to coping with the changing season.
Quick recipe:- Mixed pickle- Saute some mustard and fenugreek seeds in mustard oil, once splutter add diced carrot, peas, chillies, raddish, raw turmeric etc and let them cook a little. Add some red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and roasted cumin, Coriander and fennel powder. Mix well and store in a sterile glass jar.

3. Shed some weights off – Winter makes most of us sluggish. On top of that the festival season and delicacies are much likely to make us gain weight, which slow down our metabolism. This transitional period is quite a favourable time to start different activities to keep us moving and shed those extra fatty pounds. Remember to avoid mid meal cravings by consuming fresh fruits, sprouts, brothy soups, roasted nuts and seeds. Staying away from processed food, spicy oily food will help in better absorption of nutrients. Eat less dairy products. Brisk walking for 1 hour daily in the outdoors will rejuvenate and strengthen you from within. Say no to daytime sleep. Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility and agility of the body. Lastly do increase liquid consumption to detox, be it in different forms of soup, broth, fruits, water, Coconut water etc. Best time to exercise – 6 to 10 am/pm.
Quick tip – Asanas involving opening of pelvis region and leg movement reduces excess fat and water. Try practicing sun salutations for starters.

4. Grooming necessities – As the season of renewal is approaching, scrubbing the skin and scalp for it’s rejuvenation is necessary. Try using homemade dried orange/lemon peels powder along with some carrier oil to scrub the body. For the scalp use fresh aloe gel for 10-15 mins prior to bathing. Bathe with lukewarm water. Do shift to more lighter moisturizers. Nurture yourself gently by taking care of any neglected part of your body like hands, legs, neck. Do gargling with salt water twice a day. Taking steam water to open the sinuses daily helps in clearing any phlegm in the body. Remember not to gargle/steam 1 hr prior or after bathing. Light woolens might help to stay away from cold.

5. Food modifications – To increase the digestive fire add ginger, garlic, onion, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric to your diet. Chamomile tea helps in calming the body and induces good sleep. Opt for more easily digestible food. Tender young neem leaves can be eaten in the morning after you wake up. Add bitter food like bitter gourd, neem etc. Avoid sour, cold, sweet and heavy food. Adding honey to warm herbal tea also helps. Fruits like apple, pomegranate, berries, cherries, pear are favourable.
Quick breakfast- One Fresh fruit along with cereal of your choice and herbal tea(decoction of lemon, ginger and black pepper or cumin, Coriander and fennel in water)

Now you can be ready to embrace the spring season in all its Glory with the above points. Feel the freshness of the incoming spring time from within and start a beautiful beginning of the new you. Don’t forget to add more valuable steps or your feedback in the comment section. We will look forward.



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