Happiness Lies in Your Passion As Work

A very common dilemma among teens and adults is, “I don’t know why I’m on the planet. I know there is something I am supposed to be doing, but I don’t know how to find it”. The problem is that many people don’t know how to access this information because they have lost touch with their passion and purpose.

What Is My True Self?

Our true Self is likely to have gone underground and unseen by our parents, teachers, or other caregivers. We don’t have access to what is our true Self because our wounded Self has fears and false beliefs that we are weaker than others. Although it is obscured, it is not lost. If you are determined to enlighten yourself, you can get this information back.

Manifesting Your Self-Identity

We just want to joyfully express ourselves in the world, and this is the vital, alive aspect of ourselves. In the present competitive yet suppressive society, we end up choosing a path that’s safe and secure without knowing that we might have a speciality in some other field. What makes us feel safe doesn’t always fulfil our spiritual needs.

Working in the Wrong Field

People work as a professional for many years but never enjoy it. This often leads to anxiety and depression. Hence, they needed to be consulted for mental wellbeing. The choice of the wrong path is often due to the expectation to take up a father’s footsteps and be a professional in their likings. Most young adults also go along with what their father wanted because they didn’t know what else he wanted. After years of working in the wrong field, we realize that we actually wanted to be a teacher or sportsman. These wrong choices also because we might be afraid that the profession we actually want could not make enough money. But now that we are unhappy with the current work, we are willing to make less money.

Have Faith in Yourself

Marriage and family life can flourish when both husband and wife are content with their work lives. It may not be possible to change one line of profession immediately to something you love. However, if you follow your passion and be honest with yourself, it will often lead you there.

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