The puzzle called “love”

The puzzle called love

Today’s article is not about what to do what not to do on Valentine’s day, it’s about the term “love”. A simple conversation from our end to get you a glimpse of the love on this day of love.

To even start with understanding love we first need to understand our own selves, our likes, our dislikes, what makes us really happy and sad, what satisfies us, what angers us. The very next question arrives, are we able to give ourselves the happiness and satisfaction on our own and are we able to deal and manage our pains and unaccomplishments in a healthy way. If the answer is no, slow down a little and try little everyday to get better on this. With time you will be focused enough to make a difference in your thinking and doings. Give yourself that time, don’t rush even if you have many other commitments. Taking time for your happiness and sadness will only make you a stronger person. But yes don’t halt yourself, if need be take help, don’t shy. Remember to be in harmony with time.

Now that you have a fair idea of yourself, don’t allow the society to interfere with your identity. You are a part of a society, but the society can’t define who you are and should be. You know yourself better than everyone, stick to your inner callings. Try to make the society identify your real self. It’s often not an easy process. Express yourself. Social norms always try to unify every group which is needed for better and bigger good, but never lose your uniqueness, your own voice as that will only make you a part of this real world. Abandon any “fear” that holds you from being yourself, as the path of fear can never be the path of love.

Once you feel fulfilled on your own, share that with your partner and everyone around as this is a kind of love and care that increases when you spread it’s wings. Let this love breath. You are surely going to feel it’s bliss once it touches your beloved, embrace it groundedly. Most of us get immersed in this bliss and often overlook ourselves for the sake of others, never loose yourself as that was your starting point. No matter how much you love someone and how much they love you back it’s unrealistic to think both of yourself as perfect. We all are flawed and that makes us beautiful. Accept others with their flaws as you accepted yourself. In this journey of partnership it’s common to feel vulnerable and unsure at every step, take time, step back if you need to, communicate, talk and listen. Building of a real relationship is a task from both ends, take breaks, give space, understand each other’s priority, meet whenever any of you need support, be there, walk through the thin and thick together. Don’t give up because of any unrealistic expectations and hurdles of life.

Learn to handle your life where love should fit well to keep your balance. Never try to force someone to change for your convenience. These expectations will create tensions and stress in your relationship. If you have something to say, suggest what you would like to see improving rather than changing and allow them to take their own decisions. Accept and respect those decisions, this will create security and trust in your relationship. You both will feel safe to open more easily to each other. But make sure to raise your voice and teach each other valuable life lessons when it’s needed, accepting a wrong decision/deed must always be avoided. If needed take actions to stop and walk away from anything you find unacceptable in a relationship after you both talked about it thoroughly, take advise as well from your well wishers before moving away.

Be realistic in every phase of your life, always remember love is a part of life not your whole life and love will always be there with you in many different forms from family to friends to well wishers. Once your partnership grows, things will change with time, things will get monotonous and more responsibilities will come along the way. Your partner will appear different and so will you. Many might think you are with the wrong ones, pay attention to your bonding at these stages. Be kind and rekindle that love in small meaningful gestures. Connect deeply and emotionally to them with your own charm of romance. Find your kind of love language. Don’t keep important things as a secret, discuss family values, future plans, settling plans, ambitions, habits and lifestyle with honesty and openness. Don’t embarrass your partner for their choice and belonging. Make important decisions on logic and facts rather than on emotions, but don’t be insensitive as well.

Once you both feel secure, settled and peaceful together embrace this journey with the blessings and love of your near and dear ones. Love is for a lifetime, it’s boundless and just makes everything a little better and easier for you both to deal with in every situation.


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